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Bullshit 5 years ago
A clit and a penis both grow from the same part of our gonads. Having both is the same as having 2 clits or 2 cocks.
This cock is fake. It isn't even stuck on in the right place.
Naughty pants 6 years ago
I would love to have sex with her all night
Bobby 5 years ago
That was weird I'm not gone to lie I did like that video! That was weird!! I ever seen nothing like that before! Eww
jeff 5 years ago
let me suck you dry
Cici 5 years ago
What's her name?
Chaz 6 years ago
I don't trust Korea...but I do trust your delicious penis!
Chaz 6 years ago
I don't believe this....but if I meet you I will love your cock as much as your pussy, maybe love it more! I WANT TO MEET YOU
jack 8 years ago
I love shemales
Chaz 6 years ago
Masterful video editing...makes me feel so gay. =-D
asker 11 years ago
can herma hide her own dick in her pussy