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Tas 6 years ago
I think that's the weirdest porn I've seen. Obviously fake. She had to be careful not to pull it off. Ya looks just like a dog dick
zorg 7 years ago
Might be fake but don't think so. No prostate makes the ejaculation different. Anyway, the black girl is HOT!
lol 8 years ago
It's a dog penis
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My wife's is at least twice as large.
whats 9 years ago
What's the black girls name
Jake 11 years ago
Ill fuck the he'll out the black girl with my 10in dick
Mmmm 7 years ago
She is the perfect person. Mmmm the things I would do with her.
Wowed 7 years ago
Is that real? If so she's really damn hot!! I want to suck on her clit all the way down my throat. I don't know why all the haters but she HOTT!!!!
xxx 7 years ago
It looks like my dog's dick.
herma jew 7 years ago
crippled jew cock after it got circumcised