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Lol 5 years ago
Has 2 dicks but there both small
Wewww 7 years ago
That is funny and scary at the same time
--- 7 years ago
does he shoot double barrelled?
harald 7 years ago
Omfg what is this
Bill 7 years ago
Who is the lady?
auto 11 years ago
Hidenseek... i said FAKE DICK TRUST MEHHH
My pussy 5 years ago
Oh my god two dick Bhut mzza ata hoga ek man K sath dono holes mai two dick Plzz fuck me like this
THE HELL 7 years ago
The hell is this.
wtf 7 years ago
WTF is this
Mark 7 years ago
soo he can cum 2times and how do he piss? do he jerk ? its a good training for both hands but how???