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stiffy 5 years ago
you bring a new meaning to GO FUCK YOURSELF!
Lol 5 years ago
This guy literally took his own virginity
Bruh 5 years ago
Once you fuck yourself you cant unfuck yourself...
JKs 5 years ago
I've seen everything now.
Instantly 5 years ago
It's only gay if it's someone else. This is just masterbation
Selfnobslober 4 years ago
I'm not gay. But after seeing another one of these videos I decided to try it one day. It was surprisingly easier than I thought. It felt weird at first until I blew a huge load.
Jo Blo 5 years ago
You can only tell someone to go fuck themselves so many times until they crack.
Sexyladynj 4 years ago
My pussy squirted just watching this god
damn son 5 years ago
that is super impressive
i love dick 5 years ago
You should have blown in side your self man! I love cock in my mouth or ass or both lol. Which if anyone lives in Virginia Beach hit me up ill suck you off if it feels right ill let you blow in my ass hole. I love jerking off with cock in my mouth. Send me a cock pic and what not to lastcall606 [email protected]